Sidebar Facilitators

Megan McDevitt

Megan joins Sidebar with deep expertise in group dynamics. Most recently, Megan spent 8 years as an internal consultant at Facebook, where she played a pivotal role in helping executive teams reach peak performance. Prior to that, Megan worked for Stanford University, where she focused on creating curriculums designed to build workplace and leadership skills. With a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University, Megan specializes in coaching senior executives and leadership teams, particularly in understanding the complexities of team, group, and system dynamics. Megan believes that every individual she works with possesses the innate potential for transformation; her role is to help them unlock it. She is known for her blend of straightforward talk, humor, and curiosity, so Megan makes sure every meeting is engaging and impactful.

"After years of working with diverse teams and individuals, joining Sidebar feels like coming home. The program's ethos matches my own: the belief that the most powerful learning can come from our peers. I've always believed in the power of collective wisdom and transformative conversations. At Sidebar, I get to be part of these life-changing dialogues every day, guiding and learning alongside some of the most brilliant minds."