Unleash your employees’ full potential

Empower your employees via a leadership program that accelerates their careers. Sidebar uses small peer groups, expert facilitators, a virtual platform and custom-tailored curriculums to unlock extraordinary success.

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Sidebar for Your Company

With Sidebar for Your Company, you can become Sidebar partners and begin offering Sidebar memberships to your employees. In addition to streamlining the process for multiple members, we work with Sidebar for Your Company partners to assess your employees’ specific needs and identify employees who would benefit most from the Sidebar program.

Backed by Research

Research  shows small coaching groups create safe spaces where peers can grow, have accountability, and take risks. Small group coaching uniquely unlocks career growth – it's a competitive advantage that's untapped for many individuals and the companies they work for. Sidebar delivers results your leaders can’t get from traditional networking or coaching/mentorship programs. Social accountability, expert guidance, and clear results make all the difference.


of members say that Sidebar has made a significant difference in their career trajectory.

Crafted for performance

High Performers

Give your emerging leaders access to other high performers in similar roles, a clear path and a trusted safe space to grow, take risks and fulfill their potential.

Organizational Transformation

The impact of Sidebar isn’t just on an individual. Better leaders positively impact their teams. Give your leaders the expertise and support they’ll need to keep teams engaged through re-orgs, hyper-growth, and other transformations

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Expand access to powerful relationships and diverse perspectives that ensure employees from underrepresented groups have equal opportunity to thrive and lead