Unleash Your Potential

Sidebar is the leadership program created for you to drive measurable results across your entire professional journey. Join a small peer group of experts focused on problem solving, all delivered through a custom-built virtual platform.

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Small-Peer Groups

You’ll meet with your group of 8-10 people twice a month for 90-minute facilitated and authentic sessions.

An unfair advantage

Engage with Sidebar’s vast network of experts in focused forums that align with the challenges you face, to foster learning, connection and progress toward your goals.

Highly vetted members + tech-powered matching

You’ll be matched to a curated group of leaders with complementary goals who have the experience to help you tackle the problems you face today. For every Personal Board of Directors, we emphasize diversity of backgrounds, abilities and perspectives.

Unbiased advice from experienced leaders

Get perspective from peers who have been in similar situations, and benefit from the type of insights and constructive feedback you can’t get from your manager, colleagues, friends or family.


Solve Your Important Work Problems

We spend 90,000 hours working. Much of it is devoted to solving the tricky problems that come with our job. Whether it’s managing a low performing employee or building your professional brand or executing a re-org or tackling a work transition, there are literally hundreds of Sidebar members who have been through it, know what to do, and can help.

Structure provides the value

You bring the problem. Then, your group asks clarifying questions and offers their insights and relevant experience to help you develop a plan to solve it.

Expert facilitator guidance

Your facilitator will lead each session, ensuring the group is working on solutions you can implement in your daily work and that everyone is taking action.

Fast-paced meetings

Sidebar’s battle-tested meeting structure guarantees the 90 minutes you’ll share with your team twice a month will fly by, with enough time to solve problems and make measurable progress in your career.


Tech-powered Success

You’ll have access to a custom-built virtual platform with all the tools you need for success. This includes video chat and messaging products that have been re-imagined with collaboration in mind, offering features like agenda tracking and persistent messages.

An entire community of experts at your fingertips

Use real-time messaging to access the experience, skills and talent of every elite professional that is a Sidebar member.

Powerful goal setting

Reach your goals faster with our progress-tracking features and a community that holds you accountable.

Video sessions that fit with your schedule

Pick time preferences that fit your schedule and, with our web and mobile apps, you can engage from wherever you feel comfortable or are able.