Unleash Your Potential

Sidebar is the leadership program created for you to drive measurable results across your entire professional journey with a small peer group, expert facilitator, and virtual platform.

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Small-Peer Groups

You’ll meet with your group of 8-10 people twice a month for 90-minute facilitated and authentic sessions.

Tactical community forums

Curated groups based on our vetting process and tech-powered matching

You’ll be matched in a group based on similarities in career stage and goals, emphasizing diversity of backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives. 

Unbiased advice from experienced leaders

Get perspective from peers who have been in similar situations, and benefit from the type of constructive feedback you can’t get from friends and family.


Tech-powered Success

You’ll have access to all of the tools and experts you need to succeed, including real-time messaging access to the entire community. Bolstered by a supportive group that shows up for each other time and time again, you can confidently face any challenge that arises in your journey.


Facilitator-led curriculum

Designed for multi-year tenure, with refined programming to meet your evolving needs. We're here to support your entire professional journey. You get a clear system for success, an elite support team, and accountability to achieve what you want in weeks. 

Proven programming

All programming is specifically tailored to accelerate your career. 

Expert facilitator guidance

Your facilitator will lead each session, ensuring inclusion, efficiency, and progress.

Fast-paced meetings

Sidebar’s battle-tested meeting structure guarantees the 90 minutes you’ll share with your team twice a month will fly by, with enough time to make real progress on your goals.