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Hear from founding members leading top companies.

Impactful Wins

Members support each other to achieve their career goals and solve challenges, everyday. 

Ben Segal was promoted to VP of Customer Experience
Jason Shen pivoted career from tech to executive coach
Jenny Liang took on role of CEO
Henry Soong founded his own company
Ashley Chang is building to support working parents
Valeriya Verkhovykh landed a new job after moving to the country


of Sidebar members said they’ve experienced a significantly positive change in their career since joining the program.

My group provided unbiased support and valuable insight to give me the push I needed to have some hard conversations. Now I find myself applying those different perspectives to my daily work life and it's yielding amazing results.

Courtney Steinberg

VP of Finance

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The group provides constructive feedback and encouragement that helps me reflect on actions and decisions I've made or need to make in my professional development. This has helped my self-awareness and decision making.

Mark Longmore

Director of Operations

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I have a really good group. We are at similar stages career-wise. Three people who are expecting babies. Other folks have really young children. It's really hard to talk about work without what ELSE is on your plate. It's really nice to share that point of connection. It allows us to think BEYOND learning and growing in careers. There are a lot of other sides you have to take into consideration.

Haomin Xu

Product Design Manager

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It’s refreshing to bring up an issue and realize I'm not alone. It’s great to hear perspectives across different geographies, industries, functions, and how they've solved it. It's sort of like phone a friend, but you get six very different takes, and some of them build on each other.

Diana Rothschild

Director of Retail

I've recently made big progress in locking down the business model, working with my business accelerator. These convos have given me a lot of clarity.

Glenn Block


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Just had my first group session and it was great! Exceeded my high expectations. Looking forward to more of these.

Phil Carter

Growth Advisor

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I've found the various talks I joined to be helpful and I really enjoy the variety of members. It's made me realize how isolated I've been.

Polly Barton

Artist & Owner

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The group brain is so valuable!

Ida Wainschel Cools

CPO, CIO, CTO Advisory

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