Sidebar Facilitators

Chase Harden

Chase brings deep expertise in learning and development, including program design, corporate education and team building for international luxury brands like Gucci and Chanel. Chase took his extensive experience with large corporations to the startup world where he led L&D for a rapidly growing retailer. Chase was instrumental in quickly building, educating, and training highly effective teams for a growing chain of brick-and-mortar stores. His unique abilities to manage and mobilize teams around a singular vision make him an excellent facilitator. He is deeply committed to creating connections and sparking conversations that empower and inspire. Chase finds immense joy in witnessing the growth and success of individuals and businesses. 

At Sidebar, my journey merges perfectly with my purpose. I'm here because I love bringing out the best in people, helping individuals visualize their dreams, and supporting them in realizing them. I understand the nuances of unlocking potential, and Sidebar gives me the canvas to craft transformative experiences for leaders.