Sidebar Facilitators

Derek Jacobsma

Derek Jacobsma is an executive coach and facilitator who thrives on creating deep and meaningful connections. With extensive experience in corporate training, leadership program facilitation, and performance coaching, Derek has a proven track record of helping leaders and teams measurably improve their performance, well-being, and relationships. Derek has privately coached a number of highly successful individuals and teams. Derek has also delivered keynotes, workshops, and training programs for global audiences of 200+ people to increase employee engagement and performance. Derek excels at creating environments conducive to transformation, helping individuals connect with their best selves and realize their full potential.

Sidebar aligns with my mission and purpose of helping people become the best version of themselves to create and live a life they are proud of.  I’ve invested thousands of hours (and dollars) in myself through executive coaching, masterminds, and mentorship programs, and it has transformed my life and career in a way that would not have been possible on my own. I am so proud to be a part of the positive impact that Sidebar is creating in the world. When we transform and impact the lives of leaders, the ripple effect is massive and far-reaching—this is why I’m here.