Sidebar Facilitators

Victoria Gambardella

Victoria Gambardella brings over 15 years of strategic expertise to Sidebar. Victoria is exceptional at building, growing and coaching highly strategic teams. Her insights and leadership have been transformative in both large organizations and early-stage startups. As  a Certified Executive Coach, Victoria leverages her extensive experience to drive the growth of both groups and individuals. Victoria holds an MBA with specializations in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Leadership & Change Management from NYU Stern School of Business, as well as a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Saint Joseph's University. At Sidebar, Victoria skillfully applies her knowledge, coaching skills and dynamic leadership style to help members unlock their full potential. She is known for inspiring powerful breakthroughs and fueling growth for the leaders of tomorrow. With her academic rigor and hands-on industry experience, Victoria is committed to the highest standards of coaching excellence.

I’m drawn to Sidebar through a passion for igniting brilliance and unleashing full potential. I’ve spent my career building high performance teams and unlocking insight in service of solving unique challenges. I truly believe in the power of having a personal board of directors. Sidebar, to me, represents the ultimate journey, where I get to operate at the intersection of exceptional leadership and opportunities.