Sidebar Facilitators

Christopher Veney

Christopher Veney brings extensive experience in facilitation, DEI, and learning and talent development to the Sidebar program. As a senior facilitator at Shopify, Christopher excelled in creating and delivering experiences that resonated with diverse teams, underscoring his exceptional conversational design and group facilitation ability. Importantly, Christopher was pivotal in the development and execution of Shopify’s renowned Leading While X program, a profoundly impactful program that defined affinity groups and peer coaching. Earlier in his career, Christopher was a leader in education, serving as a teacher, program manager, and principal at KIPP Northern California Public Schools. Throughout his career, Christopher has designed and implemented strategies that support individual growth and enhance collective performance. Christopher uses his expertise to foster engagement, inspire creativity, and encourage collaborative efforts in peer groups. He is dedicated to creating environments where individuals feel safe to express themselves and strongly believes in equity and fairness in dialogue. Known for his vibrant spirit and goal-oriented approach, Christopher also has a remarkable talent for finding joy in his professional and personal life..

I believe in the transformative power of good conversations in safe spaces, and Sidebar's vision aligns perfectly with this belief. I am here to help create that sacred space, guide meaningful interactions, and support everyone in reaching their goals. Put simply, I'm here because Sidebar allows me to do what I love most, surrounded by people who value genuine connections as much as I do.