Sidebar Facilitators

Maddie Kahn Deamer

Maddie is a certified coach and facilitator dedicated to empowering individuals, leaders and teams to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential. Operating her own coaching business, Maddie focuses on guiding leaders through pivotal career transitions with intentionality and purpose. She coaches her clients to sharpen their self-awareness and communication skills, building confidence in their strengths. Grounded in inclusivity, accountability, and a commitment to growth, Maddie's coaching and facilitation style is engaging and transformational. Her purpose is to create a safe space where vulnerability and curiosity is celebrated, and where leaders can build connection and community, learn from and inspire one another, and develop skills that accelerate their careers.

Prior to starting her coaching business and becoming a facilitator at Sidebar, Maddie spent over 12 years in client success and talent development in the Tech industry. She led learning & leadership development at Eventbrite for several years, designing and delivering behavior-changing programs for global employees that increased performance, engagement and retention. Based in San Francisco with her husband, Maddie enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time in nature. 

I joined Sidebar because I believe in the transformative power of peer learning, and the profound impact of cultivating a personal board of directors on one’s journey to growth and success. My greatest aspiration is for my clients to love what they do as much as I do.