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Lauren English

As a coach and facilitator, Lauren specializes in the enhancement of performance, communication, and leadership development. Drawing upon a distinguished two-decade career in the performing arts, Lauren has showcased her talents extensively in San Francisco and in New York City where she earned an MFA in performance from NYU’s Graduate Acting Program. She also played pivotal roles as the casting director and producer at The San Francisco Playhouse, where she was also a founding member. In addition to coaching, she brings extensive experience from teaching performance in academia. Informed by her background in education and the performing arts, Lauren has curated an approach to the work that blends high impact performance technique with ease and accessibility. Her methodology includes a comprehensive analysis of mindset, aiding individuals in identifying patterns and overcoming obstacles. A life long storyteller, she also works to craft compelling and purposeful content and brand. Notably, she has recently engaged with professionals and leaders from organizations such as Accenture, Cisco, State Fund, Symbio Robotics, UCSF, Amazon, Google, Labelbox and Roblox. Lauren lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where she is raising her daughter Zelda.

“While each individual is completely unique, the goal is always the same: to facilitate a profound connection with one's most authentic self. To empower each person to take center stage and radiate their brilliance in the spotlight."