Sidebar Facilitators

Jenny Liang

Jenny is an innovation expert, educator, facilitator, and coach focused on developing equitable emerging technologies. She is a founder of Four Resolutions, an aerospace technology startup. Jenny is a skilled facilitator having taught innovation methodology to interdepartmental teams at cities of Honolulu, HI and Providence, RI as an Innovation Coach for the Bloomberg-Harvard City Leadership Initiative. To inspire her work, Jenny teaches college classes in ethics and foresight as a way to develop accessible and innovative methodologies for emerging technology development. She holds a BS in Plant Biology, UC Berkeley and a MS in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design.

"I joined Sidebar as both a member and a facilitator because I believe collective learning and leadership are critical to navigate the complex global challenges we face today. Facilitating teaches me new modes of engaging and empowering groups across space and time, while also accompanying individual leaders in their learning journeys."