Sidebar Facilitators

Tory Wobber

Tory Wobber is a leadership coach and facilitator who brings deep expertise in guiding leaders through career inflection points and the growth that comes from them. Trained as a Co-Active Coach, Tory combines her experience having worked in the Tech industry with her track record empowering leaders to reach the next level in their own growth. Prior to beginning her work as a coach, Tory worked at Google and Facebook across product, people operations, and growth marketing. She is no stranger to substantive career transitions, having completed a PhD in Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard before moving into Tech. Tory has delivered keynotes and led workshops for global audiences of 400+ on how to navigate career inflections. Tory is known for creating safe spaces that foster growth and empowering leaders to make courageous choices. 

“Sidebar is empowering leaders to achieve audacious goals in their careers, unlocking their potential through the power of their peers. This is something I've seen first hand - I'm no stranger to achievement, having gone to Harvard and worked at companies like Facebook and Google. Along that journey, I've personally experienced the transformative power of a peer group. At Sidebar, I’m incredibly excited to harness that power for folks to spark and fuel their growth.”